Anyone over the age of 10 can become a Member of Skye Sailing Club.

Full Year | 30 Day

Full Year | 30 Day

Full Year | 30 Day

Social Member
Full Year

Cadet membership is for youth aged from 10-18 years.

Social Membership does not cover taking part in on the water activities and is intended for non-sailors.

Full Year Prices

Includes 365 days of membership, recomended for most members.

  • £10 Social Member
  • £33 Cadets
  • £60 Adults
  • £90 Family

30 Day Prices

30 days of club membership, ideal for taking part in a course.

  • £16.50 Cadets
  • £30.00 Adults
  • £45.00 Family

Upgrading Your Membership

Certain membership options can be upgraded. Ideal if you which the try sailing on a 30 Day membership option and then wish to remain a member. Just login to the website and upgrade!

30 Day membership cannot be renewed, only upgraded to full membership. 30 Day membership must be upgraded before the 30 day period expires to get a discount on the full membership fee. The discount is calculated based on the number of days left on your initial membership type as a percentage of that initial fee.


When your membership is near to the expiry date you will get an email asking you to login to the website and renew.



The club offers many water based activities to the Isle of Skye community.

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The club calendar lists out all the club events and courses.

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We are a Royal Yachting Association affiliated Club and Training Centre.

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